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No overhead giving you top dollar

Avoid the overhead costs trickling down to you.  At Pocono Gold Buyers we are confident we can get you top dollar for your gold or silver.  We encourage you to stop down today!

A great time to sell gold

It may not still be the 2011-2013 Gold Rush, but there are still many great reasons to get cash for your gold.  In the early and mid 2000s gold was a fraction of what it’s worth today. Don’t waste time looking around, come to Cash for Gold where we will give you the best price […]

Sell your gold now.

A shed, a new kitchen, a car, a swingset for the kids, or your dream vacation.  We can come up with endless possibilities of what you are potentially missing out on by not bringing your unwanted precious metals here today! (570) 629-7070

Leave us a Review!

We have been in business for quite some time.  We know how we operate our business and the standards we set.  When you hear it from someone who came in and had a great experience, that’s the “proof in the pudding” for us.  Stop driving place to place, and come visit us today.   “Very […]

What is your gold or silver worth?

How much is your Gold worth?  Here at Pocono Gold Buyers we will give you an honest price on the spot, no pressure.  We even encourage you to get other estimates so you can feel good knowing that we’re here to help get you as much cash in your pocket as possible. (570) 629-7070

Spring projects add up

Do you have jewelry that you no longer want or desire to have?  Don’t let it collect dust when it could give you CASH in your hands today!  Come visit (570) 629-7070

Gold, and all We Buy for CASH

We buy: Gemstones, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Platinum, other precious metals, watches, and much more in any condition. Stop down today and we will give you a price on the spot!

Extra Cash For Vacation

Spring is officially here, and although we’ve slipped back into some colder weather this week, summer will sneak up on us before we know it.  Summer for most people and their loved ones means vacation and some much needed rest and relaxation.  If you’re planning your vacation and are looking for some extra cash, take […]

Avoid Getting Scammed Online Selling Gold

There are lots of companies that will offer to buy your gold, especially online, but it’s also easy to get scammed by a fake gold buying company. Avoid the online scene and fly-by-night companies looking to take advantage of honest folks. Choose a company you can trust and bring your merchandise in today to Cash […]

Sell your Gold in The Poconos Today

There’s not better time to sell your gold in the Poconos then now! Prices are at an all time high and are bound to decline at some point. Be sure to get top dollar for all of your gold and unwanted jewelry, stop by our store today and sell your gold to a Pocono company […]