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Planning for a vacation?

Saving up for a family get away?  A great way to get some cash is to stop down with your unwanted or broken gold / silver.  We will give you an evaluation with no obligations.  

We are your go to!

There are many places that you can sell your gold, silver, and other precious metals to within the Poconos.  At Poconos Gold Buyers our reputation continues to grow as the “go to” place. We have earned this reputation by simply ensuring that you get the best price available.  Stop down today and see why many […]

Avoid Getting Scammed Online Selling Gold

There are lots of companies that will offer to buy your gold, especially online, but it’s also easy to get scammed by a fake gold buying company. Avoid the online scene and fly-by-night companies looking to take advantage of honest folks. Choose a company you can trust and bring your merchandise in today to Cash […]