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You bring the gold and we can make it rain. Ok we know that was a horrible pun, so just stop on down today and let us evaluate what you have. No obligation!

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We are open today and ready to give you an honest evaluation for your precious metals!
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We frequently get asked “The places surrounding you wanted to give me less, how or why is that?”  It is because we are not a Jewelry store; therefore our overhead is less, affording us the ability to give you TOP dollar!  This is just one more reason to come to www.PoconoGoldBuyers.com

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It may not still be the 2011-2013 Gold Rush, but there are still many great reasons to get cash for your gold.  In the early and mid 2000s gold was a fraction of what it’s worth today. Don’t waste time looking around, come to Cash for Gold where we will give you the best price on all your items.  Stop on down today http://poconogoldbuyers.com/where-to-sell-gold.html

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We save you the trouble of driving around place to place.  Here’s what one of our customers said: “Very professional and fair. Highest rates paid at any walk in gold buyer in this area by far, and I have tried more than a few. If you want a higher payout you have to drive to New York. I highly recommend this gold dealer and will use her again and again.”


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