We buy diamonds and gemstones too

We also buy diamonds, rare gemstones and other items that are not gold.  If you are unsure if we’ll buy what you’re looking to sell, give us a call (570) 629-7070.  We promise we will always do our best to give you the best price and earn your business.


Stop down sell your gold

If you are not sure if what you want to sell is something that we would buy, give us a call before stopping down.  We would be glad to let you know if what you have is something we would purchase. While we cannot give over the phone estimates or quotes, it will get you one step closer to stopping down and getting an accurate quote.  For more visit www.PoconoGoldBuyers.com (570) 629-7070

Sell Gold in Poconos

Gold buying places in the Poconos are a dime a dozen.

So, come and see why many continue to use Pocono Gold Buyers as their #1 place to sell their gold / silver.  www.PoconoGoldBuyers.com

St Patty’s Gold!

Got a nice big pot of gold laying around?  We didn’t think so too, but if you do have any gold were able to give you CASH for that gold. Much like leprechaun’s, we love gold here at Pocono Gold Buyers, hence our name.  But we’re A LOT nicer than leprechauns. Visit or call www.PoconoGoldBuyers.com


We will be away starting today, Wednesday February 27th until Monday March 11th.  We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you when we return.

Spring and Summer Vacations

Got spring on your mind?  Or have you been daydreaming of the summer vacation you have planned?  Selling your unwanted gold or silver is a great way to get extra cash in your hand.  Visit the most trusted place in the Poconos – www.PoconoGoldBuyers.com

Trusted, reliable, here for you

See how easy it is to get cash for your gold here at Pocono Gold Buyers. See also why many choose to use us as their trusted source.

Sell your old and broken or unused jewelry

Why not turn that old broken jewelry into cash so you can go and buy her the piece that she actually wants?!  At Cash for Gold, we will buy your old unwanted jewelry and give you top dollar!  Visit www.PoconoGoldBuyers.com or stop by today!

Selling your gold for the right price

Being in the Gold selling/buying industry you really need to establish yourself and a trust.  A trust that the consumer/seller knows that they are getting the best deal available. At PoconoGoldBuyers.com we have been the place of choice throughout the Poconos.  We have many people that travel from many different places to sell their gold / silver right here. They know they will get the best price available!


To see our reviews visit http://poconogoldbuyers.com/testimonials-reviews.html If you are a customer, we invite you to please leave a review.

Valentine’s Day Gold

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while many people that want to give Silver or Gold, we also have many people looking to sell their unwanted Silver or Gold.  If you are looking for a place to sell your unwanted jewelry, make Pocono Gold Buyers your one and only stop. Visit www.PoconoGoldBuyers.com for hours and directions