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Gold, and all We Buy for CASH

We buy: Gemstones, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Platinum, other precious metals, watches, and much more in any condition. Stop down today and we will give you a price on the spot!

Easter Vacation

Happy Easter!  If you don’t get Gold Hopefully you can get the next best thing, Chocolate!! (570) 629-7070

Need a price on your gold?

Spring is upon us, believe it or not!  Time to start that Spring cleaning soon, and should you happen to find any unwanted precious metals bring them on down.  We will evaluate them for you, and give you a price on the spot! (570) 629-7070

Sell Gold Mount Pocono

Do you have a Spring project that you would like to start chipping away at, but there’s one small thing in your way?  Your piggy bank is starving! Start by going through your unwanted jewelry, coins, watches, and other precious metals you may have. We offer CASH for those items.  Visit our website

Great price for your gold

At Pocono Gold Buyers we take the time and sit down with you and give you a great price.  With our years of experience and great prices, we make it easy to put extra cash in your pocket. (570) 629-7070

Prices keep climbing – sell gold now!

Gold prices may not be where they were in 2012-2013 but they’re close!  Who knows if we will ever see those prices again, but now is a great time to unload that Gold you have been holding on to. Stop down, we’re closer than you think. (570) 629-7070

Gold Prices are going up

With Gold prices going up, it’s a great time to bring in your unwanted GOLD.  We always give the best price!  For more visit (570) 629-7070

Happy 2018!

Thanks for another great year of trust and support in Pocono Gold Buyers!  Happy remainder of 2017, and here’s looking forward to 2018!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  May you travel safely and be able to enjoy spent with the ones you love.  

We Buy Gold

Looking for a way to get extra cash for those pricey gifts you’re looking to purchase?  Do you have broken or unwanted jewelry that you’ve been holding onto? has all your answers.