Holiday gift money

Need extra cash for the holidays?  Have extra or unwanted gold, or silver?  Come visit our store for a no obligation price.

Happy Halloween

We hope everyone has a wonderful and Happy Halloween. Please remember to leave on your lights for the little ones.


Bobbing for Dollars?

Are you bobbing for dollars and coming up empty handed with your handful of gold?  At Pocono Gold Buyers we are not a Jewelry store, therefore we have less overhead, affording us the ability to pay YOU MORE for your gold and silver jewelry.

Gold prices are up!

Current Gold prices are up, are you selling?  We’re buying! (570) 629-7070

Halloween is coming, don’t get tricked with your gold

With Halloween around the corner don’t get tricked with your Gold or Silver.  Come to Pocono Gold Buyers where we will give you top dollar based off current values. No tricks here, just treats!

Who do you sell your gold too

Selling your gold can be tricky. You never want to sell too soon and leave money on the table.  But you also don’t want to walk away from money either. Our advice is always to trust your instinct when the timing is right.

NEVER sell to someone you don’t feel is giving you the most you can get for your gold! (570) 629-7070

Honest, trustworthy, gold

Finding someone who is honest, trustworthy and won’t pull the wool over your eyes can be difficult. At Pocono Gold Buyers at Scott Gold we’re here to help!  We won’t give you the run around and will give you the best price for your Gold. Stop down today

You bring the gold, we have the cash

You bring the gold and we can make it rain. Ok we know that was a horrible pun, so just stop on down today and let us evaluate what you have. No obligation!

Back open

We are open today and ready to give you an honest evaluation for your precious metals! (570) 629-7070

Get cash to buy school clothes

Are you school shopping and looking to find some extra cash?  Your unwanted jewelry is a great way to get cash in your hand today!  For more visit